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The establishment of a Career Guidance Unit has been found to be extremely essential for the wellbeing of the students of the University of the Visual & Performing Arts. Hence, the Board of Management for the above mentioned unit held its inaugural meeting on 26.05.2009 at the University Conference Hall with Senior Professor Jayasena Kottagoda, Vice Chancellor, in the chair. The primary objective of the unit is to provide courses based on improving professional knowledge and entrepreneurship skills amongst students which will develop and help form the foundation of the future professional life of the UVPA undergraduates. This unit, through the relationships that it will develop with the Government, Semi Government Statutory Boards, Corporations, Societies and Private Organizations, would work for the maintenance of the goodwill of the University and help provide career opportunities of the graduates.


About us

The Career Guidance Unit of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts was established with the primary objective of enhancing the professional success of the visual and performing arts students. The inaugural meeting of the then University Administrative Board decided to Establish this unit as it was essential to enhance the well-being, professional knowledge and entrepreneurial skills of the students of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts. Held under the leadership of Senior Professor Jayasena Kottegoda.

Accordingly, the Career Guidance Unit of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts was established on 09 September 2009 based on the Commission Circular No. 819 dated 06 February 2003 on the Establishment and Operation of Career Guidance Units in the Universities of Sri Lanka.

The primary objective of this unit is to instruct students in selecting degree courses and subject units that best suit their skills and future aspirations. It also helps to lay the foundation for the career of undergraduates by organizing various programs to develop the soft skills of the students in a timely manner.

       The unit provides professional opportunities to graduates through developing relationships with state, semi-state, semi-state statutory boards, corporations and private organizations, as well as enhances professional identity traits such as subject matter understanding, practical ability, design and technical skills, media and language skills required for the professional field. This unit will provide the facilities and guidance required to do so.

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