Our Vision

To develop the CGU as a pioneering center of excellence that can ensure the employment of all graduates by improving the environment and guidance process required to develop and shape his / her future career by giving proper guidance to empower and enhance the professional and soft skills of the visual and performing arts undergraduates.

Our Mission

To facilitate the UVPA undergraduates’ professional development by educating them on the importance of professionalism, demeanor, unity and leadership in addition to guiding and advising them to enhance their skills required for the world of work, in order for them to secure lucrative job opportunities and to encourage them to provide their services as quality professionals.

Our Main Objective

The main objectives of this unit is to provide courses based on the development of professional knowledge and entrepreneurial skills among the students thereby helping to lay the foundation for the future careers of the University of the Visual & performing arts undergraduates. Through fostering relations, the University maintains camaraderie and helps to provide career opportunities for graduates.