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Message from the Director

As the Director of the Career Guidance Unit at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts, I welcome you to our website. The Career Guidance Unit at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts is committed to enhancing the job prospects of all our undergraduates, enabling them to compete and thrive in today’s competitive, turbulent knowledge-based economy. In order to equip undergraduates with job skills, we organize various activities and programs in collaboration with universities, faculties, academic departments and the outside world for the professional development of students.

         Professional development is a lifelong process. Factors such as a person’s needs, abilities, values, personality, background and real life experience influence a person’s career development. The purpose of career counseling or career counseling is to help our students learn and understand themselves and the environment in which they make good career, educational and life decisions while

Facing challenges. A person will change throughout life. Circumstances will also change. He or she must continue to make career and life decisions. Therefore, the purpose of the Career Guidance Unit is not only to help make decisions in the present but also to provide the knowledge and skills needed to make future career and life decisions. Accordingly, our unit will provide you with essential resources and guidance to start and manage your career. We also invite you to join us to get the most out of our service.

The future objectives of the career guidance proposed by myself and Programs expected to be implemented

  1. Career Guidance Instructors Guide University Students on their strengths, weaknesses, and job market information.
  2. Organizing various activities such as seminars / workshops / lectures / training for professional development by identifying the professional identity features in the visual and performing arts.
  3. Recruitment of two Career Guidance Instructors for this unit and thereby assist students in providing career and psychological counseling.
  4. Provide opportunities to showcase the talents of students who showcase their creative and technical skills in the professional field (e.g. media sponsorship, holding exhibitions)
  5. Ability to manage and provide information on scholarships / training / employment and learning opportunities to students by filing and developing a database of online job training opportunities and job placements
  6. Implementing the following short term training programs to develop professional skills and directing students to them
    1. Introduction Program for “University Career Guidance Services
    2. Entrepreneurship Development Program
    3. Creativity and Creative Thinking Development Program
    4. Implementing personality development programs of students
    5. It focuses on the areas of positive thinking, leadership qualities development

           Social relations, business relationships and personal development

History of Career Guidance Unit

The Career Guidance Unit of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts was established with the primary objective of enhancing the professional success of the visual and performing arts students. The inaugural meeting of the then University Administrative Board decided to

Establish this unit as it was essential to enhance the well-being, professional knowledge and entrepreneurial skills of the students of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts. Held under the leadership of Senior Professor Jayasena Kottegoda.

Accordingly, the Career Guidance Unit of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts was established on 09 September 2009 based on the Commission Circular No. 819 dated 06 February 2003 on the Establishment and Operation of Career Guidance Units in the Universities of Sri Lanka.

The primary objective of this unit is to instruct students in selecting degree courses and subject units that best suit their skills and future aspirations. It also helps to lay the foundation for the career of undergraduates by organizing various programs to develop the soft skills of the students in a timely manner.

       The unit provides professional opportunities to graduates through developing relationships with state, semi-state, semi-state statutory boards, corporations and private organizations, as well as enhances professional identity traits such as subject matter understanding, practical ability, design and technical skills, media and language skills required for the professional field. This unit will provide the facilities and guidance required to do so.

Services Provided by CGU

Focal Areas for Designing Career Guidance Services.

  • Facilitating the young person’s transition from school to university
  • Counselling and Advising on Careers
  • Employability Skills enhancement
  • Career-related information provision
  • Networking with the industry
  • Availing Work Experience
  • Graduate Placement
  • Integration within curricula. in the form Of instructional modules (I.e. Career Development Course Modules)
  • Entrepreneurship skills development
  • Training, Research and Development
Career Guidance Advisory Board

Vice Chancellor as the Chairman of CGAB

     »»    Deans of Faculties

                  Dean – Faculty of Post Graduates

                  Dean – Faculty of Dance & Drama

                  Dean – Faculty of Music

                  Dean – Faculty of Visual Arts

      »»»   Director       –    Career Guidance Unit

              » Academic Career Guidance Advisor – Faculty of Dance & Drama

                 Academic Career Guidance Advisor – Faculty of Music

                 Academic Career Guidance Advisor – Faculty of Visual Arts

                  V    Senior Student Counsellors 

      »    Registrar

     »»   Bursar

       »»»   SAR/Student Services as the Secretary of CGAB

       »   Representatives from Employers and Industry (3-4 persons)

          Representatives from Students as and when required on invitation

Terms of Reference of CGAB
  1. Prepare the institutional policy and framework of Career Guidance Services of the Visual & Performing arts University
  2. Prepare action plan for the Career Guidance Services operating at Central and Faculty Level
  3. Regular monitoring of progress of the implementation of agreed career guidance programmes and activities
  4. Approval of the academic and technical corporation agreements that are to be Reached between the university/faculty and industry.